Welcome To: We Like It RAW!

August 01, 2020 00:02:23
Welcome To: We Like It RAW!
We Like It Raw
Welcome To: We Like It RAW!

Aug 01 2020 | 00:02:23


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We validate your feelings that simply existing...can be pretty tricky. ## WE SAY IT'S OK! A creative podcast built from the unique minds of Tom, Nadia, and Kate. Start your Mondays the only way we know how! **RAW** We will dive into the raw truths of our lives and environment, as we analyze the raw shit that has brought us to this moment in time. We’re the cheap value pack of the Three Wise Men, you never knew you needed. Come toast your raw truth (#RUTH) with us every Monday & discover what what it truly means to go RAW or go HOME. ## Hit Us Up Boo! - [WEBSITE](http://www.welikeitraw.pod) - [INSTAGRAM](http://www.instagram.com/raw.pod/channel/) - [TWITTER](http://https://twitter.com/welikeitraw) - [FACEBOOK](http://https://www.facebook.com/We-Like-It-Raw-Podcast-108764274261659) ### Credits Podcast Hosts: Tom ~ Kate ~ Nadia ~ Music: Intro/Outro song; *Hero* by [Heather Mae](http://https://heathermae.net/home) [Podiant Page](http://https://welikeitraw.podiant.co/)
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00:07 - Hiiiii welcome to we like it raw, the one place in the universe where we go raw or go home. I'm Tom and I'm that queer kid that you experimented with in high school, and I am demolishing a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich right now. 00:23 - I'm Nadia and I'm an off brand Snooki and I'm currently snakcin on some plantains chips from Whole Foods, 'cause I'm that ***** 00:33 - hi everyone, my name is Kate And i'm not wearing a bra so that's about as exciting as i'm also not wearing abroad Kate, so air high five through zoom. No laws when you wearing bras. No laws when youre wearing bra's , no laws when youre wearing bras 00:53 - thank you Tom for for that impromptu performance. I will now be getting into what this podcast is about. So the goals for this podcasts is we're here to share our stories with you guys as well as our life experience. And we want to build an impactful community as well as share our raw truths #ruth 01:18 - So we are not doctors and we don't hold the answers to all of life's questions, but we can offer you our personal experiences and stories and of course offer our support through the different resources that we discover and information that we learn through this healing process. 01:38 - Be sure to tune in Monday, August 31st for our premiere episode. The meat and every Monday following for new content. Don't forget to follow us and to subscribe for updates on our brand. Spanking new social medias. You can find us on Facebook at we look at Raw podcast. 01:57 - And follow us on Twitter at we like it raw. 2:00 - And be sure to follow us on Instagram at Raw.Pod. 02:04 - and tune in August 31st Monday. See you there.

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